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If you or a loved face criminal charges in Montgomery County, it’s critical to secure legal representation for your criminal defense quickly. The prosecution likely began building their case against you, so it’s important to act fast to protect your rights.

Without a criminal defense attorney by your side, you run the risk of facing serious consequences. In fact, the result of which may include imprisonment, fines, probation, license suspension, termination of employment and a criminal record.

The Avid Law Firm, LLC, is committed to providing the strongest defense possible regardless of the crime you are charged with committing. We understand that everyone makes mistakes and that everyone deserves a second chance.

The firm’s founder and lead criminal defense attorney Prince Williams, Esq. has dedicated his career to helping the accused get their lives back on track. He understands that a conviction on your record threatens your freedom, reputation, relationships, and future opportunities. Mr. Williams’ top priority is to get the charges against you dropped or reduced.

The Avid Law Firm is well respected within the legal community. In fact, our familiarity with the Montgomery County court system and its local judges and prosecutors enables us to navigate the criminal justice system with ease and puts us in a position to deliver the best possible outcome.


Defending a Wide Range of Criminal Offenses

At Avid Law Firm we have the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to defend against misdemeanors and felonies at the state or federal level, including:

  • Traffic Offenses: Driving under the influence (DUI), driving while impaired (DWI), driving under the influence of drugs (DUID)
  • Drug charges: Possession, distribution, manufacturing, trafficking of street or prescription drugs
  • Violent crimes: Assault, battery, burglary, murder, theft, robbery
  • White collar crimes: Fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, bribery, insider trading
  • Domestic violence: Final protective orders
  • Sexual offenses: Rape, sexual assault

Benefits of Hiring the Avid Law Firm

When you hire the Avid Law Firm, we will conduct a complete investigation into your case, the incidents leading up to your arrest and the evidence that the prosecution intends to use against you.

Here are additional ways in which we can assist you in your case:

  • Represent you at bail hearing, present evidence to the judge or magistrate that you are not a threat to the community or likely to flee and avoid trial
  • Protect you from unfair or unethical law enforcement procedures, file motions to suppress evidence
  • Utilize our vast network of experts (private investigators, medical practitioners, expert witnesses)
  • Seek reduction of your criminal charges to lesser offenses, such as a felony to a misdemeanor
  • Negotiate a “deal” or “plea bargain” with the prosecutor to reduce severity of punishment — lessen time served or a rehabilitation program
  • Litigate, if necessary before a judge or jury

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What To Expect From

The Criminal Process

Being in trouble with the law is an overwhelming and intimidating experience. You may be feeling scared, anxious, frustrated, and deeply concerned about the consequences you may be facing. Having a criminal defense attorney to guide you through the criminal justice system can ease some of your stress and give you confidence that you’re in good hands.

To give you an idea of what to expect during the criminal process, we’ve provided a brief overview of the average case from a procedural standpoint.


If law enforcement has probable cause to believe you committed a crime, you will be arrested. While you are in police custody, they may try to get you to talk. It’s critical that you exercise your right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you. For this reason, politely state that you do not wish to answer any questions until you have a lawyer present.
If you are cited, the police will give you a piece of paper that states the date you must appear in court. If you are booked at the police station, you will have your photo and fingerprints taken. Your belongings will most likely be confiscated and you will be kept in a detention area.
Within 24 hours of your arrest, you will have your first court appearance or arraignment. At this hearing, the state’s charges against you will be read aloud and you will have the opportunity to enter a plea.

At your arraignment, a judge will make a determination of whether to set bail, release you on your own recognizance, or keep you in police custody. Bail acts as an “insurance policy” that you will appear at future court dates. In setting a bail amount, a judge takes several factors into consideration including the seriousness of the offense, whether you are considered a flight risk or danger to the community, and whether you have a history of skipping court dates.

If bail is set and you cannot afford to post it, then you are entitled to a bail review hearing. Criminal defense attorney Prince Williams can represent you at this hearing and advocate for a reduction in your bail. If a reduction isn’t granted he can help you find a bail bonding company.

If you enter a guilty plea, the prosecutor may be willing to negotiate reduced charges or a lesser sentence in exchange for an admission of guilt. Mr. Williams will always act in your best interests and will always speak with you first before pursuing a plea deal.
If you were charged with a felony, you are entitled to a preliminary hearing before a judicial officer within 10 days of being charged. At a preliminary hearing, the prosecution will present the state’s evidence against you in an attempt to show that probable cause exists to charge you with the particular crime you are alleged to have committed.
In Maryland, there are two types of criminal courts: Maryland District Court and the Maryland Circuit Court. Most misdemeanors and some felonies are heard in the District Court which does not have a jury. More serious crimes are heard in the Circuit Court where a jury will deliver a verdict based on the evidence and testimony presented by both sides.

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